A Place Where Art, Fashion, Furnishings and the Beach Beckon

Visitors to World Six Boutique may find no shortage of art, clothing, jewelry, and furnishings competing with their checkbooks. But a closer look, says owner Anne Hunter, will unveil much more about the establishment she opened in Spring 2009 in the 30A beach community. Anne says her art-boutique also is selling “a lifestyle and the promise of self-growth.” World Six Boutique is located in the heart of Rosemary Beach. “The concept of an art boutique is something new and different for our area,” explains Anne. Fashion, jewels, and home furnishings and décor are clustured up, down, around and between the art inside the contemporary space. Flirty skirts and dresses, flowing T-shirts and breezy blouses share space on hand-crafted white wood tree branches, jewels made of leather and pearls, metal and stones, and seashells are scattered on white-washed antique tables; an elegant bohemian spirit befits the furnishings that give way to the art studio in the back. In the studio, you’ll find artist Allison Wickey, knee-deep in her craft, thriving as a beach artist.

— Sandra Hill SmithThe Thirty-A Review