The Bohemians is the diary of Sustah Sullivan, a young author who writes a story in her diary in 1855 about the adventure of five little girls (ages 9-12) from Red Level, Alabama, who run away from home when a traveling preacher warns that they will be taken to hell for stealing a candy stick from the local mercantile. They follow an African-American slave named Katie, who leads them to the Duchess, on a two-week perilous journey through the southern wild. In the Duchess, the girls seek forgiveness and redemption for their sins. In them, she seeks guileless storytellers that will bring her heroic biography to life after her death. Through the succession of the season, the Duchess shares her life story with the girls, while Sustah records it in her diary through the open eyes of a child, just as she sees it – a fantastical drama, through which she interprets everyday objects, nature and wildlife as holding supernatural and alchemical powers. She incorporates aspects of both an alternate universe and a mythic past into the journal entries that parallel her current reality. Included in the diary are illustrations, poems, songs, pieces of clothing, jewels, and other magical objects that the five young artists and scribes create, collect, and paste into its folds.