In a tale of renewal and the circle of life, My Barista! is the story of Nina Jordan, a free-spirited young woman with one wish: to find true love. After discovering a help-wanted advertisement in her local newspaper to “Be a Beach Barista,” Nina leaves the suburbs for a new urbanist beach town situated on the Gulf of Mexico where she is hired to open a coffee shop with a team of architects, accountants, lawyers, consultants and contractors. A tricky web of fumbled conspiracies unfolds as each faction of the team plots to take over the popular shop. When the patrons come to Nina’s rescue, the passions of a small beach town turn into an epic turf war amidst a budding love that is tragically caught in the middle. Unable to circumvent the system, Nina becomes disillusioned while the coffee shop is secretly taken over by a new owner who threatens to demolish the beautiful beachside building. When Nina loses all hope, she runs the “Be A Beach Barista” ad and hires a new barista to take her place. The cycle begins again as Nina’s departure beckons the seed of new beginnings for everyone.