Set in Saturraran and Seville, Spain, from 1938-1944, Mi Aria is the story of a fiery eight-year old girl who is rescued by her grandfather when her mother is accused of having betrayed a Falangist neighbor who lived in a nearby Villa. Aria’s mother is taken to the old spa of Saturraran that has been transformed into a women’s prison by the Francoist regime, where she is detained for five years along with 4,000 other women and children. Aria’s seemingly hopeless situation changes dramatically when her grandfather takes her to Seville, where she spends the years of her mother’s captivity at the residence of a wealthy architect. Through her innocence, innovation and curiosity, Aria claims the hearts of the household staff, the town of Seville and even her grief-stricken grandfather. When World War II ends in 1944, amid fears that the victory of the allies put an end to the fascist dictatorship in Spain, Franco’s regime closes Saturraran and Aria sets out to find her mother.