Anne Hunter was born in Manassas, Virginia, in 1971, and spent her early childhood in Selma, Alabama, and the Beaches of South Walton, before moving to the suburbs of Plano, Texas, for her primary and secondary education. She graduated from the University of Alaska with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science in 1996 and worked in the House of Representatives for the Alaska State Legislature. Hunter was instrumental in the development of the Mount Roberts Tramway, an aerial ropeway cable transportation system in Juneau, Alaska, that was first used in the European Alps in the late 1800’s.

Hunter became a full-time resident of Scenic Highway 30A in 2004, where she opened art cafes and art galleries in the towns of Alys Beach, Watercolor, Rosemary Beach and Seaside before moving part-time to SoHo, New York City, to scout emerging artists while writing a fantasy-fiction book series. The founder of Fonville Press, Ceruleans and Anne Hunter Galleries, Hunter is an advocate of the new urbanism and the only retailer to have owned and operated concepts in the four new urbanist towns of Scenic Highway 30A, where she has assisted artists in establishing studios and galleries for more than a decade.

Her fantasy-fiction epic is chronicled in three books released in serial episodes, collectively called The Bohemians Canon. The first book, “The Jesusmonkey,” released in April 2016. The second book, “The Bohemians,” released in October of 2016. The third book, “The Secret Sect of The Double Duchess” released in November 2016.