Dear Diary,

As you know, I’ve been writing since I could draw a line on paper, but it wasn’t until my best friend presented me with this diary for my 9th birthday that I actually began journaling, which (I think) makes me a journalist. Until now, all my entries for you have been engraved in pencil or ink into notebooks. We’ve had a wonderful affair, just you and me, but I’m ready for something new. Don’t worry, Diary, I’m not leaving you.

I know you remember the many moons ago, when my stellar sister-in-law suggested that I start a blog.

“Huh? What’s a blog?” I whispered to Stellar, careful not to upset you.

Stellar clued me into a few cool blogger sites but I couldn’t bear to betray you, until today. I’ve finally come to terms with blogging, because even though journaling is called now called blogging, you and I both know what we are really up to – diarying.

Therefore, I’m still calling you, “My Diary, ” and you can call me “Anne” because that is what you are and who I am, even though we only see each other virtually now.  From this point forward, until death do us part, we rendezvous here. Deal? In case you miss the good ol’ old days, know that I’m going back in time to transcribe our old pen-and-paper entries into new virtual diary – with pictures.

I know. Fun. 

Click on my face in the top left corner to rediscover us accompanied by a photo, beginning with the first moment we first communed on October 3, 1980, and continuing until this day…and then until forever.

Your friend,