The insides of my body are turning over and over, whenever we are all in the room together, but I wake up you aren’t here. It’s the heat I feel and the magma spinning – folding me in and folding you in. I have been so confused as to why I lost you in my dreams and you found me in yours. Then we woke up without each other. Since then, I have been grasping at the air, into the sky, to find and refind, and find you again. And here you are in another dream. This time in the form of a woman, standing at our door. I see you enraptured, taking in all that I am, but not yet courageous enough to show. I was the girl wrapped up in clothes and make up, posing. I was the one with no boundaries, I was the one who felt everything, everything, everything until I  shut down. Now I see myself in her. How lovely and how beautiful I am. And this woman that is you. She is me and she has pushed me into my writing and into my sexuality and into my beauty.

I can see in her


before me


Front Camera

Life Before Me